Friday, February 25, 2011


Nak buat esei sekolah rendah kejap lah,boleh? :)

     Everyone have their on dream. They dreams about many things. I also have my dreams. Today, I want to share about my dream family.

    When I grow up, I want to have a big,happy family.. I want to have a lovely wife and 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls.. If god willing, I want to have one pair of twin. 3 handsome and 3 gorgeous girls. My future wife must be able to cook, kind, and understanding. Together, we will educate our children to be polite, obidient and kind.

    My family will live in a big house. That house is a beautiful house,with flowers surrounding it. It has a large lawn for my family to play. The lawn is green with grass. Every weekend,my family will play games there. The grass is so soft that we literally can sleep comfortably on it. My house will also has a big swimming pool. I also will have at least one luxurious car park at the garage. We can go anywhere with this car.

   But, I don't really care about all the materialistic stuff, because the most important thing is the people that live within the house. That people is the one can give you happiness..

  This is my dream. I pray and hope that this will become reality. ameen~
How about yours?

dedicated to si ketod..hehe


Syud Wada said...

1. kereta jenis apakah ?

2. air dalam swimming pool nak tumpah tu :P

3. nak wife pandai masak eh ? okay , semalam dah register cooking lesson :D

fatin syahirah :) said...

nasib baik tyme waktu seni ta kena lukis.haha.kalau tak.HAHAA

Anonymous said...

==" lawa sangat tu..haha..tahniah sebab mencuba..haha..

p/s : bukak2 jek blog kau,aku terus gelak guling2..sebab lawa sangat..haha